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My number for questions 718-790-1150 and email vitalemazo@gmail.com

I arrived to Texas 3 weeks ago and never road a motorcycle thought it would be a good Idea to pay $16,000 cash to a dealer for A

1) Shoie Neotech $700 helmet Medium White
2) $70 Gloves
3) $695 Saddle Bags and mounting bars for motorcycle
4) $12,495 For Triumph limited color Red Silver 0 Mile Bobber Motorcycle
5) $300 For Coretech 3 layer Removable CE padded Jacket
6) $2000 + in taxes ,license , freight , fees
I had the Bike delivered to me By the Sales Person at the dealers shop he drove 70 Miles to My garage door on this Brand-New Motorcycle.

I tried to ride this motorcycle around my parking lot and am scared Shtless and don’t want to ever try again. Basically, I just made an impulse Read more
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